Aiming to treat its guests to all of the resort’s restaurants and bar options without overextending their budget, Apollo Palace has carefully designed an all-inclusive package that will exceed expectations.

The all-inclusive package is available daily from 10.00 to 23.00 and includes

  • All meals of the day (breakfast, lunch, dinner) in the lavish buffet of the main restaurant accompanied by beer, wine, soft drinks and juices.
  • All local alcoholic drinks as well as beer, wine, ouzo brandy, liqueur, soft drinks, coffees, juices.
  • Various snacks throughout the day at the hotel bars.
  • Lunch basket for the customers who wish to spend their day outside the hotel grounds. A requisite for this is a day’s notice to the reception.
  • Freshly ground coffee or tea with cake and biscuits at the hotel bars throughout the day
  • An anti-allergic bracelet for all-inclusive guests to wear throughout their stay